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            Laparoscopic Splenectomy


This laparoscopic surgery is carried out to remove the spleen from the body of the patients. It is not very grim in kind and is generally free from life risks. The common indications of spleen disorder are blood disorders, enlarged spleen, auto immune disease of the spleen and Spleen tumors. This Laparoscopic Splenectomy provides a fast and comfortable recovery from the ailment. It is not painful as well.

Before this operation is done, a general anesthesia is given to the patient under the instruction of an experienced anesthesiologist. After that a tube is inserted into the stomach of the patient to vacate it. To drain out the urine from your urinary bladder, a catheter is also inserted. A Laparoscopic surgery of the spleen is made with many incisions in the abdomen area. One of the cut is used to insert a camera to get the clear view of the inner part of the body of the patient. This surgery should also be done under the guidance of an experienced and expert surgeon.