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Laparoscopic Kidney & Ureteric Stones 

Stones in the Kidney or in the Ureter are not or unknown disease. It is common to the men or women of all age groups. Generally, these stones are quite different from the stones we commonly understand as they are made up of very small crystals. A patient suffering from stones may have multiple stones in these areas.

The reasons behind formation of these stones are not clearly known as they are caused by your diet, environment of your work place, hereditary factors or even geographical reasons. If you are suffering from gout, then you can also be a victim of stones.

The correct diagnosis of the disease depends upon certain tests. The doctor, depending upon your symptoms, may ask you to undergo tests like urine culture, urine analysis and blood test. On certain conditions, you may also need to undergo CT scan, ultrasonography or standard or digital x-ray.

Though there are many good and effective treatments are available, but Laparoscopic Method of removal of the stones is the best and most effective one. As a common practice, Laparoscopic method of removal of stone from Kidney or Ureter is used to handle typical and anatomical disorders.