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How do you benefit

As mentioned earlier, Five Point Micro Surgery Center is a medical institution that has been serving its patients sincerely with the ultimate idea of ‘Service above self’. The center provides certain benefits to all its customers i.e. our patients. Some of these benefits are:

  • Accurate Diagnosis
  • Precision Treatment
  • Pain Free Recovery
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Lower cost of Cure
  • Sophisticated Equipments
  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Home Care Nursing
  • Proven Success Rate
  • Reasonable Charges

Accurate Diagnosis:

At Five Point Micro Surgery Center, the doctors are so highly qualified that there remains no chance of any wrong diagnosis. The expert doctors, lead by Dr. B.K. Gulgulia, are extremely careful in making study of all the reports of a particular patient. That helps us to make the accurate diagnosis at the very first attempt. It is also very helpful for making the right remedy for him.

Precision Treatment

We are cent percent assured of deriving the very accurate treatment for our patients as we are very accurate in assessing the right disease of the patients. That’s why we handle each and every case very carefully as it helps us to reach the right result in the right moment of time. We get equally good support from our Para-medical staff also.

Pain Free Recovery:

We try to provide a very good treatment to each of our patients by providing them very personal care. We carefully monitor the development or deterioration in the condition of each and every patient and try to attend them almost immediately. We try to make them smile even amidst of tremendous amount of physical trouble as smiles reduce the sufferings and generate the willingness of life again. 


Shorter Stay at the Hospital:

That’s where we are different from other hospitals and nursing homes. Our strict moral ideology discourages us to make a patient stay in our center for a longer period than what he or she requires. We believe in serving more than in any business policy like this which forces the patients to stay in the hospital even if he does not require to. This principle of ours enables us to serve more patients in calendar year.

Lower Cost of Cure:

The cost of treatment in the Five Point Micro Surgery Center is absolutely genuine and reasonable. We do not charge the patients more than the actual or reasonable amount. We prefer dignity in the profession rather than money. That principle is our specialty which makes us different from others in the same business. We are extremely serious in this matter and we do not make any compromise on that.

Sophisticated Equipments:

Our center is equipped with the latest machinery for detecting the right disease of the patients. These machines are run by very skilled and trained technicians who are very careful in making all the tests and diagnosis correctly as they realize it very well that the life of a certain patient depends upon their diagnosis. That realization increases the responsibilities of our technicians manifold. It is very obvious that their work makes us easier for to design the right remedy for the patients.

Experienced Surgeons:

This is the significant strength of our center. The team of the attending doctors as well as the house surgeons is very talents, educated and specially trained for taking care of all the possible troubles of the patients. Moreover, the presence of Dr. Gulgulia is a big mental support for the whole center as his knowledge and expertise know no end and it definitely fills the heart of the patients with a hope of a new life. This hope plays a very important role anywhere in the treatment of any disease.   

 Home Caring Nursing:

Our center provides a comfortable and easy stay for all our patients. The in-house staffs, consisting of our nurses, are wholly dedicated to their work. They provide the patients with a very careful and tender nursing which is very similar to that you provide your patients at your home.  The nurses not only take care of the patients and give them the proper medication at proper timings but they try to develop their willingness towards life which always helps them to recover faster.

Proven Success Rate:

Our success rate encourages us to improve it even further. With the inspiration of our patron, Dr. B. K. Gulgulia, the team of doctors working with us is highly motivated in their service to the patients of the center. They take every patient as a separate challenge and try to meet it with a positive note. That’s where the strength of our center lies. But remember. We do not work for maintaining a successful track record. Instead we work to render accurate service to our patients that ensure a proven track record.


Reasonable Charges:

Most of the families in India or abroad seldom have a separate health account in their monthly expenses budget. Due to this, they find themselves unable to meet heavy expenditures to a sudden health problem. We, at the Five Point Micro Surgery Center, understand this problem very clearly and therefore we charge very reasonable prices for the services we provide here so that our patients feel it easy and comfortable to get the accurate treatment from us.