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About Five Point

Dr. B. K. Gulgulia

It is true that the humans have made great and unprecedented progress in all the walks of life. It is also true that this progress was quite unimaginable even about one hundreds years ago but due to the inquisitive mind of the humans, it has turned out to be possible to know the truths which have changed the life and life style of the human beings all over the world. Today we are successfully conquering the heights of knowledge in almost all the parts of human life.

But in spite of that fact that humans have done some remarkable jobs in the betterment of the human life, we have not been able to remove the tragedy of ill health completely from our life. Due to the fast changes in the standard and life-style of all the humans on the earth, we are facing the urgency of medical attention and failing to which a large number of people are dying for want of it. Treatment and medication have become the part and parcel of human life these days.

Established and guided by eminent surgeon our times Dr. B. K. Gulgulia, the Five Point Microsurgery Center came into existence in the year 1997. In the last few years the centre has served the society with its unique services and has benefited the humanity in the truest sense of ‘service above self’. The center has been equipped with all the latest diagnostic machineries and technicians and above all the center is blessed with a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors who are very well guided by Dr. B.K. Gulgulia, our chief patron.

At The Five Point Microsurgery Center, we understand all the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of different human beings who come from different communities with different understandings towards life. We treat all our patients equally without making any distinction on any ground whatsoever as our goal is to serve the humanity as much as possible. It is our privilege to be part of a social revolution where we find ourselves at the service of the common people and to provide them the medical and surgical facility at a very genuine and affordable price.

We, at Five Point Micro Surgery Center, share the endeavor to provide a world class treatment facility to our valued patients. Our center is well equipped with all types of apparatuses that are required to provide us a world class treatment facility. The center is also blessed with a human being like B. K. Gulgulia who is a pioneer in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery. The team of doctors at the Five Point Microsurgery Center is also highly skilled and dedicated and it is capable of handling any emergency situation with an ease.  The Five Point Micro Surgery assures a very standard and successful Laparoscopic surgery and fast recovery from the post surgical conditions.

It is good to know that Dr. B. K.Gulgulia is also providing hisservices for the people of Behrampur in the district of Murshidabad. He treats patients at the Lal Dighi Nursing Home at Behrampur.